Apartments and Villas Now For Sale!

    Welcome Home to Beaumont!

    This may be a great time to make the move to Beaumont! Inventories of available homes in most markets remain tight, allowing sellers to name their price. At the same time, Beaumont currently has a wide variety of choice villas and apartments available:

    • Villas with a view – One- and two-level units combine the the beautifully landscaped grounds with spacious interiors while leaving the maintenance and worries to us. Plus you can update, upgrade and ‘up-design’ your home exactly to your liking.
    • Large apartments “close to the action” – Our apartments are more spacious than you would find in comparable communities. Best of all, you don’t have to brave the elements: park beneath the buildings and all common areas, amenities and dining venues are mere steps away.
    • Pied-à-terre – Villas and apartments for seasonal stays and stop-overs (doctors, children, family, etc). Enjoy all the 5-star services and amenities and be secure in the knowledge that, should anything happen, you can move in immediately to be cared for – for life.

    We urge you to visit Beaumont and see for yourself. Please contact Audrey Walsh by email or at 610-526-7000 if you would like to schedule a visit.