Wellness Center

    The emphasis of the Wellness Center is on preventive care; keeping you in optimum health so you can enjoy everything Beaumont has to offer. Our clinical staff – state certified and licensed Resident Care Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner, and Insurance Liaison – proactively create a personalized health profile and track your health. For your convenience, the Center is open 365 days per year, with office hours seven days per week, including holidays. The Wellness Center offers the following comprehensive support services:

    • Blood pressure monitoring
    • Blood glucose monitoring
    • Case management
    • Emergency response
    • Laboratory services
    • Medical transportation arrangements
    • Pharmacy services – deliveries received Monday through Saturday
    • Primary physician office hours
    • PT/INR testing
    • Referrals to on-site physical/occupational/speech therapy
    • Resident check-in
    • Vaccinations
    • Wound care

    By appointment, the Wellness Center also offers convenient on-campus access to a wide range of specialists – from audiologist and dentist, to ophthalmologist and podiatrist.