Purchasing Process

    There is no entrance fee at Beaumont. Instead, you purchase your home and become an equal voting member in the not-for-profit corporation.

    Beaumont’s marketing department basically takes care of all the details for you – from showing the home, to negotiation and documentation. The goal is to make the transaction as straightforward and painless for you or your representative as possible.

    Prices for homes at Beaumont are guided by an IRS formula for non-profit communities. It establishes the base cost, adds an amount for capital improvements made by the seller, plus an appreciation or depreciation factor that is reflective of the overall real estate market in surrounding communities.

    Additionally, you can deduct that portion of your monthly fee attributable to real estate taxes (as allowed by the IRS) on your Schedule ‘A’. Beaumont provides you with a tax statement documenting these expenses on an annual basis. You may also sell your home at any time, with the proceeds accruing directly to you or your estate.

    Should you or your representative have any questions or need information, please email Audrey Walsh or call 610-526-7000.