Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    When news of the pandemic overtook the airwaves, the unknowns vastly outweighed what was known about the coronavirus. Press reports from China and Europe painted an ominous picture of what was to come; headlines here focused on fatalities at many senior communities.

    In response, our V.P. of Health Services and her team developed and implemented a set of policies and protocols designed to protect our residents and staff, and weekly updates via internal TV, intranet and print, advised everyone in the community of new measures and changes (click here to see ongoing updates). Visitation was immediately restricted and social gatherings and communal dining were curtailed. Those apartment and villa residents who did contract the virus recovered quickly under the excellent care of our on-campus medical team.

    Much has yet to be written about being alone in your home versus living in a supportive community during this unprecedented national lockdown. Beaumont residents are of the singular opinion that they were safest here, and that they received excellent support throughout – gourmet meals delivered to their door, housekeeping and laundry services, in-house television station, and superb on-campus medical care, and so much more.

    We collected residents’ thoughts about their experiences in a pamphlet (click here to request a copy) and in the video below.


    When the pandemic hit, things got scary. Had we been at [our old] home, every little task or emergency would have fallen on us, or worse, on our children. Luckily, we live in a supportive community with great healthcare and a highly competent professional staff…we were never on our own.

    – David B., resident since 2016