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Thank you for agreeing to participate in our short 10-minute survey (Click Here). As some of the questions pertain to Beaumont directly, we invite you to take a quick look around our website to acquaint yourself with Beaumont.

Beaumont is a not-for-profit, resident-owned retirement community. Our management team answers to residents rather than corporate interests. Together we decide how best to maintain Beaumont’s five-star amenities and lifestyle. That’s why we need your input to help us appreciate your retirement expectations.

We also wonder if you view retirement communities in a new light after the isolation this pandemic has caused. Our residents believe they benefit immensely from all the services and support they receive; you, however, may be happy to be at home and go it alone?

In return for taking this short survey, we will enter you into a random drawing for a $500 AMEX Gift Card. Don’t worry, entry is optional if you would rather participate in the survey anonymously.

Thank you again for taking our 10-minute survey (Click Here), and don’t hesitate to email me at with any other questions or concerns.

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Audrey Walsh,
Director of Marketing

‘Ownership’ changes the way residents feel about their home and community. We share a tremendous sense of pride. Not only is Beaumont not-for-profit, it is non- institutional. It instills an equality among residents – no one is more or less important – that creates a feeling of genuine warmth and camaraderie.

– Linda M., resident since 2017