Although it’s still early in the year, preparations for recladding all the buildings on campus are well under way. By this summer the project will kick off in earnest, and as one resident said, “I can’t wait to see our campus in brand new dress…we’ll be wishing we did this years ago!”

    Since it was necessary to address the exteriors of most buildings on campus, residents took the opportunity to commission an architectural design scheme that would unify the structures with the historic Austin mansion – to carry the old stone look throughout and connect it firmly with the surrounding woodlands.

    Residents took on the project in typical “Beaumont fashion.” Because residents own and govern the community, they decided collectively how and where to allocate money. To them it’s a matter of pride – Beaumont is their home, and they want their home to look its best.

    Residents Gerry Isom and Jim Zug were asked by Beaumont’s board to spearhead the project – from budgeting and selecting the architect, construction firm, and independent manager, to phasing the project for minimal disruption. So who better to take you behind the scenes in this short video and give you a sneak peek at the new design scheme, the process and the timing? (And some very cool drone footage!)

    Residents are excited to see their home transformed and are already thinking about novel and eco-minded landscaping options! If you would like additional information about our campus-wide enhancement project, please use the contact form below to reach out to Audrey Walsh, Director of Marketing, or call 610-526-7000.

    Excitement Builds Over Beaumont’s New Look