The Search Box and File Manipulation Tabs

Search Box

The search function operates as a normal search box does in that it will find all records that contain the search term entered in any of the records’ fields.

File Manipulation Tabs

Upload List Tab

The Upload List tab provided a bulk list-population function. A file, in the proper format (As specified in the File Format tab), is uploaded to the system by selecting the green Upload button, selecting your file, and clicking ‘Ok’. Once the file is uploaded and processed, all records will reside in the main contact list.

Filter Tab

The filter tab allows for multi-field pruning of the active contact list. By entering data into any of the fields [blue box above] within this tab’s search form and clicking ‘Apply Filter’ [green arrow] the current list will be reduced to only those records that contain all of the data entered. To cancel filtering and restore all records, click the ‘Reset’ button [yellow arrow].

Export All Records Tab

The ”Export All Records” performs the same functionality as the ‘For Selected Contacts’ tab with the exception that ALL records will be exported as opposed to only the selected records. The export can be in the form of a .CSV file by clicking the ‘To CSV Download’ tab [orange arrow] or export directly into the SendInBlue account by choosing that tab [blue arrow]. Once the correct tab is selected, click the ‘Export…’ button [green arrow]. When exporting as a .CSV file, your browser will begin a file download once your request has processed.

Add Records

To add records, click the “Add Record” link on the right side of the page, above the Contacts List [green arrow, above]. In the form that is revealed [green box, below], supply all of the information you have in the appropriate fields. Only ‘Last Name’ is required, all other fields are optional. Once your data is entered, click the ‘Save Record’ [blue arrow, below]. PLEASE NOTE: Closing the ‘Add Record’ using the ” ” icon DOES NOT save the record, only hides it.

Editing Records

All records are initially displayed by Name and email address. To edit any record from the Contacts List, click its corresponding ” + ” icon [green arrow, above]. This will reveal all information stored for this contact in a form [blue box, below]. Once all changes are made, click the ‘Save Record’ button [green arrow, below]. PLEASE NOTE: Closing the record by clicking the ” ” icon DOES NOT save the record, only hides it. If you wish to PERMANENTLY remove a record from the system, click the ‘Delete Record’ button [red arrow, below]. This deletion is PERMANENT and CANNOT be undone!

Automatic Input from Website Forms

When a viewer enters data into one of the web-based forms, the data from that form is entered into the Contacts Database. Every night a script runs checking for new form data from the previous day. When form data is found an email will be sent to the Administrator with a link to review the new records. At this point the record must be either approved, adding it to the database, or deleted, removing it permanently.

Duplicate Data Checker

Every night a script runs that checks the database for duplicate address information. Should any duplicates be found, an email is sent to the administrator with a link to review the records with duplicate addresses. 

Tidio Chat

Working with ChatBots

ChatBots are Tidio’s pre-programmed chat feature. Whenever a visitor interacts with the chat feature and uses particular key words, the chatbot will return specific data that we program into the system.

From the Tidio dashboard, the chatbots can be accessed by clicking the right-pointing triangle in the left side menu [red arrow above].

The “Welcome New Visitors” and “Visitor Says” chatbot sets are accessed by clicking the menu icon (three vertical dots) next to the appropriate set of bots you’d like to edit, then selecting “Edit”.

From here you can see the chatbot timeline. By hovering over any chat icon and selecting ‘Edit’ (pencil icon) you can modify the chat interactions.