With the arrival of Beaumont’s new IT Director Mark Surkin and his assistant Jeremy Varnis comes the long anticipated arrival of a wireless campus and in-house “Triple Play” services. Starting in 2012, Beaumont residents and guests will be able to connect wirelessly, nearly anywhere on campus, at any time.

What’s more, residents no longer have to order separate television and telephone services. Triple Play (phone, TV, and internet) will be offered by Beaumont, with all the benefits of a single source provider and personalized service. No more waiting for the “cable guy,” no need to purchase new equipment, and no ever-increasing cable and telephone bills. Triple Play charges will be conveniently rolled into the monthly fee and Mark and his team will take care of all installations, connections and personalized support services.

Included in Beaumont’s new Triple Play offering are:

  • Internet: high-speed and secure internet and WiFi coverage for all buildings and residences.
  • Telephone: latest VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology, including automated voicemail service
  • Television: premium channels, HDTV and optional DVR (digital video recorder) and On-Demand
  • In-house support and service: all installation and connection, full service and support available – even training for residents unfamiliar with some of the technologies.
2012: Smart Campus for Smart People